I need to check out this comic

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I need to check out this comic

Postby grasking on Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:37 pm

From Comic Book Resources:
Black Summer #0 (Avatar Press)
The central plot is part of the marketing for the comic, so that's no real surprise: one of the US' most cherished heroes walks into the White House, kills Bush and Cheney and most of their staff, and then goes to the press room to declare the need for fair elections with votes on paper. What's great is the wonderful texture of the backstory, with loss and abandonment and death and news coverage and the kind of crazy futuristic ideas that have made Warren Ellis such a compelling creator to watch. Oh, and the entire press conference is done with presidential gore still sticking to the guy's freaking coat. Much like the frankness of "Cla$$war," this project pulls no punches in plopping ridiculous levels of extrahuman power into the political and social dramas of the present day. But while Rob Williams' work on the late ComX series was solid, Juan Jose Ryp's work here (with all-too-vibrant colors from Mark Sweeney) virtually levitates off the page with its immediacy. In a word: wow.
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Postby Allen on Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:01 am

I really would not care to read that sort of story. I am really bothered did not fictionalize real people.
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