the honor of kings

Joe's first novel.

the honor of kings

Postby jenyes523 on Sat Dec 08, 2007 6:45 pm

i tried so hard to ignore you. all bound up and boastless with only your faded photograph giving away your true name. tried so hard to find a reason to make you ill-compared to the storyteller who put me and my dear mother to sleep, generations apart. you are a different breed, yes, and though i soured and sold myself 50/50 percentages in your behalf, you picked me up and ran with me dangling in your arms somewhere inside a memory, where the lines italicised, where anna began to reveal herself in questions, where jude became a three-dimensional man, where ghosts became solid, where you picked me up and ran and told me your tale, urgenty, when i couldn't catch my breath to look away. then i couldn't ignore, until your story was done, and i closed the book and made a space for you upon the shelf, a space where i long for you fill, like the royal crown before you, the next pleasure, the next chapter, the next novel, the next writer, of my heart.
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