My Signed Inscribed Copy of Horns from Riverrun

The devil is in the details.

My Signed Inscribed Copy of Horns from Riverrun

Postby Beambounder on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:33 am

Dear Mr.Hill, thank you sooo much for doodling,and bombastically inscribing my copy of HORNS. I got the inscription "go to hell" more and more with each page. I follow all your writing. I believe you are brilliant. Thanks for taking the time and effort to please a far away Constant Reader, of you and Your Kingly father. I must say that the fire sermon was one of the most well written ecclesiastic,Augustine,pieces of writing that I have ever read -Spock would be pleased with such logic.. That book is both terrifying,close to home, anthropologically erudite, and hysterical. Well done again . What did I expect? Ron Scott Sippel aka Beambounder, aka E. Freemantle. P.S. ever think of illustrating your own work ?-I'm an MFA painter, and sometimes art teacher-you've got multiple talents my friend!
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