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Which Rural Setting Would You Rather Relocate To?

The Shire
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Postby Dana_Jean on Tue May 13, 2008 8:08 pm

Dana Jean wrote:
LauraK wrote:The Shire all the way. I'd move into Frodo's old place and start a tobacco farm.....wacky tobacky, which I'd then sell. It'd be one big party in the Shire!

Until Gandalf shows up with some awful news or other saying we had to go on a quest...... :shock:



Not you LK. I was talking about that wizard freak.
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Pepperland for me!

Postby Melissa on Wed May 14, 2008 12:44 pm

I would have to pick Pepperland. The Shire reminds me alot of my small, country town I grew up in - and left. Full of bars, no culture, and in place of angry wizards and orcs, the place has been ravaged by psychotic meth-heads. This seems the most feasable for traditional farming equipment, but I can handle a cut in sales to not live there.

Tatooine seems very similar to where I am now, in Myrtle Beach. Glorious sunrises and sunsets, fabulous vistas - although they are beaches rather than deserts, and rather than pod racing - we are currenly in the midst of Harley Davidson Bike Week. Unruly sand people (tourists) slaughter mostly only your ability to get to and from anyplace on time. Very similar! If that is the case, I can definitely say that there isn't any use for farming equipment in Myrtle, I mean Tatooine

I choose Pepperland for something different. I would love to sit and listen to all the music, all day long. And I LOVE seafood!!! Low crime is a plus, and I can handle a few blue meanies. As for the job, I'm sure there would be some type of business for farming shrimp and such. I'm THERE!! :)
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