Last House on the Left

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Last House on the Left

Postby LauraK on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:47 pm

Saw this on Friday morning....only $4 for the first show. I saw the original Wes Craven film years ago and don't really remember loads from it, just that I was suitably squicked at the time. I was probably 19-ish or so.

I went in with a bit of trepidation, as the subject matter is dark and extreme. My newspaper review called it "torture porn" and gave it 2 stars.

If you're sqeamish or are planning to take kids along with you? Rethink your plans to see this. It is in-your-face violent and very realistically done. The rape scene is squirm-inducing and graphic.....but not in the sense that they show any nudity. They didn't need to. It's just very brutal and very real.....hard to watch, for sure. They really drive home how evil the bad guys (and girl) are. I just knew that in the end, they'd get what they deserved.....and did they ever!! :twisted:

But......after saying all of that.....I did enjoy it. I won't give any spoilers but will say that this movie makes you think "what would I do in that situation?" And what the they do (the good guys) was enough to have me saying "Yeah!" a few times and the final scene?- while being absolutley over-the-top..........I clapped at the end of it.

(Plus, I got to see a preview for Inglorious Basterds! It looks awesome. )

Oh, the one who plays the baddest bad guy's brother is in Breaking Bad. He's Walter White's former student and partner in crime on the show, he's absolute scum in this movie....just how he looks at people is creepy.
I was kinda cheering what happens to him, too..... :twisted:

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Re: Last House on the Left

Postby demorganakamark on Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:38 pm

Im going to go see it. im glad that its watchable.
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