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The Dark Knight

Postby Rhymer on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:40 pm

I'll throw this out there. I think that we've probably got about as good as we'll ever get from a comic adaptation. The Dark Knight was so good that I was consistently shocked that it got better as the movie progressed. It is tragic that Heath Ledger won't be able to resume this role because he completely changed the way I'll think of the Joker forever. He changed and completely owned that character like none other.

For a film that boils down to good and evil, The Dark Knight functions very well. We have a hero who breaks laws routinely to get the job done. We have another hero who stays within the law but feels restrained by it. The law abiding heroes consistently have to turn to Batman to deal with threats that are outside of law enforcement's ability to deal with.

I think most of the theme can be summed up when a thug says to Batman, concerning the Joker's whereabouts, "He's on to your game. You've got rules. He ain't got no rules."

The Joker is out to prove to everyone that if a law breaker has to uphold the law, then what point is the law? This is a theme that doesn't get explored very much in the super hero movies we've seen lately. It has such amazing parallels to our own world and times.

Think of how one law breaker can affect our lives. In early 2001 none of us imagined the future we're in now. One man's clear vision of the West's destruction brought most of this on. A torrent of bad decisions following our villain's decision's also helped to lead us to here. We broke a lot of precedents and possibly a few laws to deal with threats. If we have to circumvent our own laws and institutions to deal with threats then we have to wonder where we have the right to try to impose some of the same laws on our citizens. Laws such as privacy...

And we're back to the film. Bruce Wayne has to make a terrible decision. The Joker is such a threat to Gotham and such a threat to society that he is willing to VIOLATE THE PRIVACY OF MILLIONS OF CITIZENS JUST TO CATCH HIM. Again, we find parallels to our own troubles. The Joker must be stopped... but is this how we stop him? Is it worth letting citizens die to uphold the laws that we've held to for generations? Or is it worth destroying the legitimacy of those laws to catch the villain? What about the next villain?

I recommend the movie to anyone who likes comics, to anyone who likes themed movies, and to anyone who likes action flicks that aren't afraid to offer a little more.

I don't think that Batman franchise can ever top this.
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Re: The Dark Knight

Postby demorganakamark on Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:52 am

The dark knight has showed hollywood what a comic book movie could be
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Re: The Dark Knight

Postby BlameTheVain on Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:49 pm

I loved that movie very much!
Jack Nicholson was the actor who plyayed the charachter Joker. But what Ledger did... when i watched the movie i believed that he is the Joker not just an actor. Perfect job from him.
And the magic trick was my favourite scene. :lol:
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