What the Frak was Starbuck??

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What the Frak was Starbuck??

Postby Jude on Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:44 pm

Apparantly Ron Moore wanted to tie up everything in the finale of BSG but left a big loophole in Karas tale, its such a sloppy thing to have such a big character build up and then for it to be left hanging in the void. How did you feel about the finale?
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Re: What the Frak was Starbuck??

Postby Paul_Campbell on Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:32 pm

What the frak was Starbuck??

Baltar and Caprica see what Baltar calls 'Angels': Baltar sees an 'other' Caprica that no one else can see; an imaginary friend, if you will, with whom he can converse (a projection of his subconscious, if you want to get Freudian). Caprica also, only she sees an 'other' Baltar.

Starbuck? When she suddenly disappears into thin air from the field where she was talking to Lee, she's clearly an angel whom everyone sees (after all she is referred to as an angel, albeit an 'harbinger of death').

Or, as Saul might say: "What the frak are you telling me? That she's a Deus ex Machina?!"

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