Nasty spin or 'O' so true??

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Nasty spin or 'O' so true??

Postby Mosbey on Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:49 am ... tm?&page=1

From where I sit, it is a bit of both I am afraid. We are in for one rocky ride---Let us hope that we can hold things together until 2012.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having fun!
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Re: Nasty spin or 'O' so true??

Postby doodoobird on Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:42 am

Had to respond to this. It is wayyyyyyyyy toooooooooo early to bash obama on most of these subjects with the exception of Iran. I hope the lefties see the truth with what we are dealing with in Iran. Give peace a chance. Give diplomacy a chance. GIVE ME A FUKING BREAK!!!!! It is soooooooo naive to think you can achieve an end to the Iran situation by means of an olive branch. Those who believe that are either naive or havent the slightest fuking clue as to who really runs that nation. What Obama did was noble, by all means. He toned down the rhetoric and showed that he was not just making empty promises to appease the far left out on the campaign trail. He extended a hand that was laced with praise and words that could sooth a three year old out of a temper tantrum, or if you prefer, hold back the dozen or so venom spewing vipers of a PMSing Medusa posed and ready to strike. Such a departure from the Bush way. And what is Irans response??? A big Fuck you!!!!!!!! Honestly, it was kind of embaressing and I am sure Obama mus have felt played, or at the very least he had a preminition of the million 'I told you so' snickers that every right leaning a hole like myself was thinking in their heads and bitching to O'reilly about. AND IT MADE US LOOK WEAK AS A NATION. When we come kissing ass as a nation and get REEEEEEEEjected by a third rate bad suite wearing, fake designer shades peddling, kill the infidel death to American Persian, no? Listen people, to simplify all this: DO RESEARCH ON WHO IS ACTUALLY RUNNING IRAN AND THEIR FANATICAL BELIEF STRUCTURE. I'll give a few keywords to look up that will lead you in the right direction. AYATOLLA. IRANIAN REVOLUTION. THE LOST IMAN. MAHDI or THE COMING OF THE MAHDI. Research the economic and political situation in Iran. Take a look at the price of oil compared to over the summer. Study the relationship and history of Iran and its neighbors, in particular Iraq and their current relationship and how we fit in. Consider Israel in all of this, how they just elected the 'hard-liners' and try to predict what the next few years might entail from the Iranian(leadership) perspective. Put all this together and you could have figured out that diplomacy will not work there. Personally, I have something against them. Its very very very personal for me. Because I already understand how much blood the Iranians have of my fellow soldiers on their hands. I want pay pack. And though I understand the far reaching consequences of a war in Iran, I also understand how their military and government could be destroyed or in hiding almost as fast as Saddams was (though the aftermath would be even more fucked up then Iraq), this brings a little smirk to my face. Not that I want war, but I DO want consequences for their actions. And their should be consequences when the noodle arm wanna be tough guy fucks with the star linebacker, even when the linebackers team colors is blue, wearing his team mascot on his Jersey which just so happens to be a donkey. Anyway, at least the quarterback of the team can say that when the inevitable finally goes down, he really tried the peace approach. Thats at least something.
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