Parcing words, What Obama really says about defense

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Parcing words, What Obama really says about defense

Postby Kiuku on Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:01 pm

I found this interesting article in a GI magazine:

And I'm impressed. It's good to hear atleast something other than a blanket demilitarization/cut on our defense programs and that Obama quite frankly does not support such a thing. Not that I necessarily have faith in these positions that Obama puts forth..that he won't change them later on, but I do see an intelligence there. It's typical of his "use a scalpel" where a scalpel is needed mindset. And those he has flopped in his positions, I think that it is more indicative of responsiveness and adaptability than, for instance, being a liar.

Anyway I thought you might find interesting an apparent, unbiased, thorough outline of our candidate's positions on military and foreign threats.
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