how many of you were into "Grunge" in the 90s?

What are you listening to now, and why isn't it Marah?

how to become batman

Postby doodoobird on Sun May 11, 2008 12:49 am

Yeah, I dont want to break the truce, either. There are some bands out there then I secretly listen to. Well, not exactly bands, maybe just songs from certain groups. I like that Seal song, the rose one. Maybe because when I first saw that batman movie when I was a kid I wanted to be batman for like a week or so. I had a plan and everything. hahahahahaha! I am serious. WHAT WAS I THINKING!
Yeah, matchbox 20 sucks! But like you said, everyone has their own taste. I cant say it enough but DEVIN TOWNSEND IS GREAT! Beyond great! He is the shiznit. I think I mention him so much because not enough people listen to him. Whenever I put someone on to good music I feel like I did a good deed. Like donated to a charity or something.
Popular music fucking blows these days, man. I mean, you hear the shit people listen to. Mostly on the hip hop side. There is some good rap out there(mostly, in my opinion, from the early 90's) , but JEEEZ, this shit is horrible. And people eat this phoney shit up.
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Postby demorganakamark on Sun May 11, 2008 1:33 am

i agree
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